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Author Topic: How to keep up to speed with post-Brexit negotiations and developments  (Read 32 times)


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How to keep up to speed with post-Brexit negotiations and developments

Since we announced our intention to go out on a high at the end of January, many BrexitCentral readers have been very kind in saying how much they will miss our daily round-ups of Brexit news and comment.
They have often supplemented the compliment by asking how best to stay informed as the trade talks with the EU commence and we move to a completely different phase of thinking about what to do with the freedoms we have recovered from Brussels.
What follows is a selection of websites, campaign groups and think-tanks which we would suggest are worth keeping an eye on – and signing up for their email newsletters where they have them – in order to keep abreast of developments and debates in the post-Brexit UK. Needless to say, this is not a corporate endorsement of any of the sites or groups, or of the material they publish, but merely us trying to be helpful and collegiate!
Global Vision – Launching next week and chaired by Shanker Singham, it promises to provide the latest news, comment and analysis as the UK steps back into the world as a sovereign trading nation, with a weekly news email 
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
ConservativeHome – Must-read website if you want to keep in touch with what the Conservative Government is doing and the debates going on inside the party, with a daily email news digest sent out each morning
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Politico London Playbook – With an email despatched at 7am every weekday, this non-partisan round-up of political news is essential reading if you want a comprehensive yet readable summary of all that’s on the news agenda each morning
Website | Subscribe
Brexit-Watch – Founded by Brian Monteith and launching next week, it will analyse and report on the detail of the risks and benefits of the negotiation proposals through regular articles and a weekly email bulletin
Website (not yet live) | Twitter | Facebook
StandUp4Brexit – Campaign to ensure the democratic will of the British people to leave the EU is delivered which has successfully brought pressure to bear on the government since its establishment in July 2018
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Briefings for Britain – The new name for Briefings for Brexit, which will continue to provide academic and intellectual ballast for Brexiteers with factual evidence and reasoned arguments
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Economists for Free Trade – Originally formed as Economists for Brexit during the referendum, the group will keep a close eye on the kind of trade deal the Government negotiates with the EU
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Initiative for Free Trade – Established by Daniel Hannan to make the intellectual and moral case for free trade and to use Brexit as an opportunity to revitalise the world trading system
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Lawyers for Britain – Chaired by Martin Howe QC, the group of eminent eurosceptic lawyers will continue providing informed legal commentary on future negotiations
Website (includes subscribe link) | Twitter | Facebook
Veterans for Britain – Provides specialist commentary on defence aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Fishing for Leave – The fishing community campaign for Brexit, which now wants to ensure that the Government restores full control over UK fishing waters
Website | Twitter | Facebook
Get Britain Out – Grassroots campaign dedicated to supporting Brexit
Website | Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook
Campaign for an Independent Britain – Long-standing campaign which was originally founded to oppose Common Market entry in the first place
Website | Twitter | Facebook
The Red Cell – Small think-tank run by Lee Rotherham that regularly publishes Brexit-related material
Freedom Association – Home of the Better Off Out campaign which began promoting UK withdrawal from the EU in 2006
Politeia – Think-tank which has regularly been publishing Brexit-related material
Website | Twitter
Labour Leave – Political home for Labour-backing Brexiteers
Website | Twitter | Facebook
Bruges Group – Pro-Brexit think-tank inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges speech of 1988
Website | Twitter | Facebook
Open Europe – Think-tank providing regular analysis on the Brexit debate from London and Brussels
Website | Twitter | Facebook
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