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Tory Trap
Do you think May is luring Corbyn into backing a second vote so that she can call a stay or leave general election?
It looks like this has just happened.

It amazes me how an MP can go against his own personal opinion just to give themselves the opportunity to gain extra votes. They are just not true to themselves at all.
I am not sure it will gain him extra votes though. I think he is caving in to the powerful remainers in his party led by the likes of Blair, Mandelson, Brown and Milliband. There are a lot of leave leaning Labour voters in the North of England who may vote for the Tories to get the Brexit they desire. Where as remain leaning Tory voters are more likely to abstain than risk letting socialist Corbyn in.
I don't know anyone at all that would vote labour whilst he is in charge so maybe he's hoping for a miracle.

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