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Tory MP's join Independent Party
A group of three remainer Tory MP's have quit their party to join the new independent party formed recently by a group of disaffected Labour Mp's. The three include Anna Soubry and Hydi Alexander.
And they are all refusing to call a local By Election. That is not the done thing.
They need to practice what they preach and make sure their constituency are still happy for them to be their representatives.
It's been good, don't let the door hit you on your backside on the way out.

It has been explained that one of the reasons for them to leave the Conservative party was that the party had been taken over by the Brexiteers. That the war was lost.
Again, they have omitted to say it was highly likely they were about to be deselected.
I would say that particular war was lost back in June 2016.

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