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Theresa May's plan revealed
Looks like there will be another meaningful vote next week with the threat of a lengthy delay if MP's don't pass it. Looks like blackmail to me.
I am still trying to get my head round exactly what happened in the House of Commons tonight?
(03-13-2019, 10:42 PM)JohnR Wrote: I am still trying to get my head round exactly what happened in the House of Commons tonight?

Hmm, from what I understand it goes something like this.

May tried to re-iterate that leaving the EU without a deal was the default.

However, an amendment stating the Commons was committed to staying in the EU until a deal to leave the EU is secured was passed.

The amendment was passed with 312 - 308 votes.

The non-binding motion for us to not leave the EU under 'No Deal' terms was passed with 321 - 278 votes.

There were a number of MPs that voted for the amendment and some that abstained. It would be usual under those circumstances for them to resign. I believe only two have.

As Ian has said, May says she is going to try and re-clarify her deal AGAIN and put it to the vote AGAIN sometime in the next week.

May is still saying that 'No Deal' is still the default.

A little more clarity was also put forward yesterday regarding the deal which should have been said before the vote, it could have made the difference.

This is how I understood it yesterday. I've read an email today from which says the same. I'm sure there are deeper implications looked into by the political press.
Yes leaving on the 29th without a deal is still what will happen under the law as it currently stands, last nights motions were non binding and only express the will of the house of commons which we already knew. They mostly want to remain. The only way to stop it is to revoke article 50 or the withdrawal act. There would be civil unrest if that happened. The only other thing is a delay which gets voted upon tonight, that would also need to be agreed by the EU. There is also a legal arguement that says May can't bring back her deal for another vote unless substatial changes have been made to it.

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