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Nissan have announced their decision to cancel their plans to build their X-Trail and Qashqai car in Sunderland.
This has prompted some MPs to ask whether they should still receive an up to 80 million pound support package.
This deal was set up with Mr Ghosn who is currently in jail for financial misconduct.

The decision to move the build location to Japan may not wholly be due to Brexit but it must have had an influence on the Japanese companies decision.

I would hope this decision was more to do with cold feet and unfortunate timing regarding our unknown position and exit date for Brexit.
It is just another example of project fear, bearing in mind that Sunderland is the most Eurosceptic region in the UK. They are just trying to say that this is what's going to happen if we proceed with Brexit.
If we sign free trade deals with the likes of Japan, why would Japanese Companies need to build their products here? Indeed, Honda have also announced their intention to move the UK production to Japan. If my company had a free trade deal to supply a customer I would be using my own countrymen to produce the goods, not those of my customer.
If we can build cars for other people, why can't we build cars for ourselves? Seems like the vacant plant in Swindon is the ideal opportunity for some entrepreneur.

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