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Ken Clarke calls for article 50 Revocation
Tory big beast and veteran Europhile Ken Clarke calls for article 50 to be revoked.
At last someone with a calm head. If Mays deal gets defeated as predicted we have to revoke or at least delay article 50 so we don't end up crashing out of the E.U. at the end of March.
I'm not typing all that again.


I'm not paying the legal fees to revoke.

What is delaying going to achieve that couldn't have be done in the last 2 years. Right from the beginning the EU said no special deal. To try and maintain the members of the EU they cannot give Britain a good deal.
Ken Clarke knows full well that article 50 cannot be revoked without an act of parliament to revoke the E.U withdrawal act and that other Gina Millar act that was needed to evoke article 50. Also it can't be extended unless UK plus other 27 E.U. Countries agree.
Ken Clarke was in Ted Heath's cabinet when we joined the E.U.
Now you're just showing your age. Lol.
If you are want to understand what's going on now with Brexit. I guess you have to go back to the early 70's and the circumstances surrounding our entry into the European Common Market.
Yes, we were warned at that 1st vote we would be dragged deeper and deeper into what was envisioned as a European Project and the initial permission we gave to join the common market was the excuse the MPs needed to give more and more of our assets to the new EU for very little return for the good of the country.

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