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Cabinet Ministers Threaten To Quit
Theresa May's pro Remain cabinet ministers are threatening to resign en masse if May won't take no deal off the table.
Anybody fancy a job in government?
I reckon I could wear a blindfold and stick a pin in a board. I suppose it's all electronic now. Click a mouse and read the random excuse that is generated.
Well most of the Brexit ministers have resigned, it's about time some of the remainer ministers resigned as well.
I doubt if May's government could stand any more ministerial resignations.
I think may has been happy to leave no deal as an option for several reasons. First to keep Jacob Rees Mogg and friends off her back and secondly so that Dominic Greive and friends don't think they can have it all their own way and lastly as a bargaining chip with the E.U. remember her statement no deal is better than a bad deal, well that has come back to bite her with her deal's defeat and backbenchers now plotting to block a no deal. Or so they claim anyway?
If it wasn't for Rees Mogg and the European research group May probably would have ruled out no deal bearing in mind she campaigned for remain in the Referendum.
Is it just me or are ALL these ministers simply resigning because they can't do their job and are looking for an excuse to get out?

Do they all really think it's going to make any difference anywhere? Does anybody really care? Don't they all just go and sit on the backbenches and get paid anyway?

Every single one of these resignations has had me puzzled. Surely they have more influence staying in the position they are in?

Is it just a cowards way out?

Just what are they hoping to achieve?????????
My hunch is that they are looking for an excuse to call an election as soon as Corbyn commits to campaigning for a second Referendum.
Philip Hammond is the latest Cabinet member threatening to resign if a no deal Brexit happens.

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