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Britain will Thrive After Brexit
I think Britain's economy will Thrive After Brexit once we start trading with all the other Countries as well as Europe.
We already trade with other countries albeit on a limited scale. We shafted many Commonwealth members when we joined Europe. Are they going to welcome us back with open arms especially since they now have new business partners?
Are we going to get as much new business elsewhere and how long will it take?
Yes but you have to subtract any deals we do from other Countries from the free trade we used to do with one of the biggest trading blocks in the world, namely the E.U.
Trade with the EU isn't going to just stop. It is likely it will reduce due to tariffs.
Hopefully, in time our trade will ramp up again.
The EU will actually lose far more than Britain with regards to trading with us however they have the EU pool of countries with which to compensate and replace our goods.
It won't be quite so bad admittedly if we get a free trade deal with the E.U. but if we fall off that cliff edge at end of March it will be a disaster for British Manufacturers and Industry.
It will be painful for sure.
However a good deal with the EU will, I feel sure, prevent us from striking big deals with anywhere outside the EU.

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