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Backbenchers Plotting To Scupper No Deal
Senior backbenchers Hilary Benn and Yvette Cooper say they will table amendments to Theresa May's revised plan motion tomorrow that may block a no deal exit from the E.U. on the 29th March. Of course Mr Benn has form he said he would table a similar amendment before the meaningful vote before withdrawing it at the last minute.
Hilary Benn is a blairite puppet of Tony Blair and Yvette Cooper is a Brownite puppet of Gordon Brown!
This is getting beyond a joke.

This lot really are useless. All of this should have been discussed and settled already. It's pathetic that these amendments can be processed this late in the day.

It's disgusting when these MP's are making up excuses for their actions. They need to be sacked. I'm sure their electorate will treat them with the same contempt they treat their electorate.
You can't just sack MP'S, they were democratically elected not that long ago. This is a representative democracy and MP's should be allowed a voice and not just tow the party line like sheep. If the electorate don't approve, they will be voted out next election. That's how it works.
MPs can be 'effectively' sacked after a suspension term for various bad behaviour.

Having an opinion and voicing it is one thing (Which can actually cause a suspension) but acting on their self interests and attempting to force government from performing their business is totally out of order.

First off though the speaker of the house of commons needs to be sacked. Time and time again he has flouted the rules and avoided proper disciplinary action.
They can't be sacked only voted out, or if Corbyn gets his way deselected. They can however have the whip removed if they don't tow the party line. You are not just voting for an MP at a General Election, you are also voting for the party they represent which includes all there (meaningless) manifesto promises.
They are not untouchable anymore.

Ok, so it's not easy or straightforward but
Yes that's for MP's that break the law, not for ones that vote against Brexit.
If you said they can't be sacked, I gave you reasons they can.

They can also be removed after a suspension due to bad behaviour. Look it up.

That was a first page reply from Google

Unfortunately, it would end in a tit for tat war and considering there are more remaining MPs than leavers that wouldn't end well.

Unbelievable, I have just stumbled upon this link in the comments after reading a news article although it's dated a year ago that maybe a typo.

I have not looked into this any further.

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