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7 Labour MPs Have Resigned.
7 Labour Party MPs have resigned citing antisemitism as the main reason along with the threats of violence against them or their family/ partners for criticising Mr Corbyn. They have claimed the Labour Party is now hard-left.

It is their intention to remain MP's under the name of the Independence Group.

None of them are looking to trigger a local election to prove their worth without the backing of the Labour party arguing the public do not want the confusion of a local election whilst Brexit is continuing. (It's so nice they can read our minds so accurately and if we disagree we are told what we want and it's odd they don't think their resignation is going to have the same confusion)

It is thought many, if not all, of them may have been facing deselection even before their resignation. (Is it jump ship before they are stabbed in the back or jump ship before the ship sinks?)

The 7 MP's that have resigned are.

Chuka Umunna, MP for Streatham
Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree
Chris Leslie, MP for Nottingham East
Angela Smith, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge
Mike Gapes, MP for Ilford South
Gavin Shuker, MP for Luton South
Ann Coffey, MP for Stockport
The plan is to make sure left winger Corbyn can't win a general election should one be called due to a split party. It happened in the early 80's when 4 labour members split to form the SDP. That was to stop then left winger Michael Foot from getting elected.
The more I think about this the more offensive it feels. It's a slap across the face of their constituencies. There must be some, maybe, unwritten requirement that suggests a by election must be called after an event such as this.

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